The Story of Esther...

“Remember who you are. Who knows but that you
were born for such a time as this.”
Esther 4:14

Esther was a beautiful woman who knew
loneliness and suffering. When faced with a
major crisis in her life, she remembered the
strong women who had gone before her.
For three days, she struggled alone in the depths
of her spirit. There she came face to face with a
power greater than herself that gave her courage
and direction. She felt her fear and at the same
time became aware of her strength and her
freedom to decide.

Esther was a woman who let herself be challenged
to move beyond where she was
to where she could be


Located in Winnipeg MB, Esther House provides a safe and supportive sober living environment for women in recovery from addiction

Esther House has assisted women to move back into the community with a strong sense of confidence in their abilities to deal with their addictions and move forward in their lives.

While at Esther House, many of these women have enrolled in training and upgrading, sought and found gainful employment and become reunited with their families.

Our Mission...
Esther House is a residence supporting women in recovery from addictions.

Our Vision...
Esther House challenges and empowers women to live a sober, stable and productive life in the community.

Goals and Objectives...
  • To create a welcoming and supportive community so that each resident will
    develop the confidence and esteem necessary for re-entry into society.
  • To help each woman become well-connected in the recovery community so that she has a strong support system in place when she leaves Esther House.
  • To assist each woman to achieve her personal long and short-term goals so that she will be empowered to take control of her own life and will be able to
  • contribute to society.
  • To support each woman’s educational and/or employment goals to enable her to support herself and her children